Even though we can get you any custom marketing vehicle that fits your needs, here’s a list of all vehicles and event equipment we have available for sale or lease. Contact IMM today for a full inventory of our current stock or let us know about your special inventory requirements.

We also purchase used expandable trailers and mobile marketing equipment, so please contact us with your available trailers or mobile marketing vehicles

RV Display VehicleRV Display VehicleRV Display Vehicle

display trailer 2display trailer 3display trailer 1

single expandable 3single expandable 4single expandable 1

mobile display unit 3mobile display unit 4mobile display unit 2

rv event hauler 2rv event hauler 3rv event hauler 1

event hauler 2event hauler 3event hauler 1

international cxt

sprinters 2sprinters 1

step van 2step van 1

promotional suv 1promotional suv 2

2011 GMC Dual Axle 22011 GMC Dual Axle 1

Ford Transit Connect 2Ford Transit Connect 1

marketing event container pods 2marketing event container pods 3marketing event container pods 1

event display cube 2event display cube 1

tank 1tank 2tank 3

promotional trailer 2promotional trailer 1

experiential mobie1experiential mobie2experiential mobie marketin