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Top Chef build-out

To produce a full interactive event presence including sampling kitchen based on a gooseneck mobile marketing unit.

Fabrication of a 44’ gooseneck trailer capable of supporting sampling operations with a full commercial grade kitchen and backhouse kitchen built to the highest standards. The full event presence included a fully enclosed canopy which housed cooking demonstration stations and seating for up to 60 guests. Outside the demonstration area guests were invited to play interactive games and interact with the chefs.

Top Chef build-out Top Chef build-out Top Chef build-out  Top Chef build-out Top Chef build-out

Tektronix mobile fabrication

Create a B to B tour to take Tektronix-based products directly to the consumers’ doorstep in the most efficient manner maximizing utilization.

IMM provided a 38’ RV chassis purposefully built for the B to B tour. The technology-themed interior housed 5 demonstration stations and 12 monitors. The main display area has ample room for 15 people to demonstrate the products. The generator had backup systems in place to ensure the show stayed on the road.

Tektronix mobile fabrication Tektronix mobile fabrication Tektronix mobile fabrication

TDOT vehicle event display

TDOT utilized a 53‘ double expandable trailer and matching tractor, and was an educational exhibit designed to showcase the importance of technology and inter-operability to dentists. The goal was to help practitioners increase quality of care, improve practice productivity, and increase overall access to oral healthcare services.

Sullivan-Schein’s support of outreach programs is evident by their support of ADA’s Give Kids A Smile Day community outreach program and TDOT was dispatched to help treat Gulf Coast residents in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Overall, TDOT is the result of an innovative groundbreaking collaboration between the public, private and professional arenas to help further dentistry as a profession to enhance patient care and showcase the latest technology. TDOT, while showcasing the latest in dentistry is in itself a showcase of how technology is used to facilitate mobile marketing programs. In addition to serving as a model of the dental office of the future, TDOT is also a fully functional dental treatment center with two fully functional operatories.

TDOT display TDOT display TDOT display  TDOT display TDOT display TDOT display

Philips display fabrication

Provide an experience to educate Philips Electronics employees about the diversity of their products. The MMU also visited consumer events showcasing the Philips’ brand promise, “Sense and Simplicity”.

IMM provided a double expandable trailer in order to accommodate the large amount of traffic. Four distinct zones were created within the open interior of the trailer. A large screen media presentation highlighted each zone as visitors weaved their way through the product experience. The elegant layout was meant to mirror the purposefully built “Sense and Simplicity” brand experience.

Philips display fabrication Philips display fabrication Philips display fabrication

Old Navy interactive marketing display

To provide a fleet of trucks to Old Navy to help promote their Funnovations, Inc. marketing campaign capable of dispensing clothes, food and drinks.

Based on the look and feel of Old Navy’s Funnovations, Inc. marketing campaign, IMM customized five vehicles in a wide range of sizes from a small Ford Transit all the way up to a 38’ Commercial RV. The vehicles then drove to the town of Boring, Oregon to participate in a community party to promote the Old Navy brand.

Old Navy interactive marketing display Old Navy interactive marketing display Old Navy interactive marketing display  Old Navy interactive marketing display Old Navy interactive marketing display Old Navy interactive marketing display

Nobel mobile marketing

To create an East and West Coast tour simultaneously illustrating the latest esthetic dental products.

Based on two matching double expandable trailers, IMM created an environment which showcased the latest products and allowed presentation by nationally recognized speakers. The media center and presentation products supported the speakers and educated guests on Nobel Biocare products. A hospitality area welcomed attendees during pre and post presentation.

Nobel mobile marketing Nobel mobile marketing

National instruments mobile marketing

To provide National Instruments with a vehicle to showcase the latest LabVIEW System Design Software technology for educators, researchers, and students.

After converting a 38’ RV chassis into a mobile showroom, the LabVIEW Campus Tour traveled to universities and colleges across the United States and Canada giving live product demonstrations. The tour also meant to inspire students to “do engineering” by giving them an opportunity to explore a variety of design projects programmed with LabVIEW system design software.

National instruments mobile marketing National instruments mobile marketing   National instruments mobile marketing  National instruments mobile marketing

National instruments fabrication

Develop a B2B tour to take National Instruments technology-based products directly to the consumers including active demonstrations of the product.

IMM provided a 38’ RV chassis purposefully built for the B to B tour. The National Instruments branded and technology-themed interior housed product demonstration stations including 5 PowerPoint monitor presentations and 5 active demonstrations. The main display area had ample room to accommodate 15 people while demonstrating NI products. The vehicle generator had backup systems in place to insure the show stayed on the road.

National instruments fabrication National instruments fabrication  National instruments fabrication National instruments fabrication

Motorola custom vehicle

To create a flexible mobile marketing vehicle for Motorola that appeals to a younger market. The tour traveled on the Sprite Tour, Van’s Warped Tour and the X Games.

IMM developed an unmistakable presence for Motorola based on a 44’ gooseneck chassis. This open and engaging design allowed visitors free access to all areas of the display. Live features included roof top DJ station and mixing stations. Other event properties included a suspension canopy structure, demonstration stations and fold down stage. Exterior promotional kiosks allowed visitors to interact with the newest phones and technology by Motorola.

Motorola custom vehicle Motorola custom vehicle Motorola custom vehicle

InStyle mobile promotion

Design and build a mobile exhibit to showcase and retail the “Shop the Perfect White Shirt Collection” featuring Trio Fit Technology by InStyle Essentials.

In a very short time frame IMM customized a single expandable 38’ Commercial RV, with a full exterior graphic wrap and interior to look like a high end retail outlet. Included in the vehicle interior were a custom blouse display, a lounge area, a fitting room, and a large flat screen TV inside as well as on the RV exterior.

InStyle mobile promotion InStyle mobile promotion InStyle mobile promotion InStyle mobile promotion

Garnier Fructis mobile marketing

To create a mobile Hair Salon and Casting Studio that would travel to College Campuses across the country to find one guy and one girl to be the hosts of Noisey & Garnier Fructis’ new show, Headhunter.

In a short time frame we were able to convert a 38’ Commercial RV into a rolling, fully-functional style salon, complete with a casting studio. The setup included a lounge area with flat screen TV, a video booth, lighted salon station and exterior styling station. The tour made stops at college campuses from Florida to California in a style and music talent search.

Garnier Fructis mobile marketing Garnier Fructis mobile marketing Garnier Fructis mobile marketing 

Millipore custom design mobile marketing

To develop the second generation B2B tour for Millipore demonstrating their product line
Mobius and tour throughout North America.

IMM’s turnkey solution was to provide a mobile marketing vehicle flexible enough to make stops quickly and also transport the entire new product line. The main Mobius product is quite large so IMM utilized a 38’ commercial RV chassis. With the main Mobius carts in fixed positions the accessory lines were exhibited throughout the mobile showroom. Interior graphic treatments reflect the product line's unique colors and shapes.

Millipore custom design mobile marketing Millipore custom design mobile marketing  Millipore custom design mobile marketing

Millipore custom vehicle marketing

To develop a B2B tour for Bioscience Company, Millipore, in order to demonstrate their new product line Mobius and showcase it in North America.

IMM’s turnkey solution was to provide a mobile marketing vehicle flexible enough to make stops quickly and also transport the entire new product line. The main Mobius product is quite large so IMM utilized a 40’ gooseneck trailer with side and rear entry ways. With the main Mobius carts in fixed positions the accessory lines were exhibited throughout the mobile showroom. Interior graphic treatments reflect the product line's unique colors and shapes.

Millipore custom vehicle marketing Millipore custom vehicle marketing

Fly Columbia mobile marketing

Take a Columbia airplane to locations not normally able to accommodate air traffic and provide hands-on interaction with the fuselage, a hospitality area, sales area, and roof top deck.

To create a large event presence, IMM was able to integrate an airplane environment into a 53’ single expandable stage side trailer. A full scale fuselage allowed visitors to step in and experience the look and feel of a Columbia Aircraft cockpit first hand. The hospitality area incorporated sales and information stations within the trailer which was retrofitted to replicate the inside of the plane. Upper deck viewing via the spiral staircase was also included to provide a better view when the MMU visited air shows.

Fly Columbia mobile marketing Fly Columbia mobile marketing

Characters Unite custom vehicle design

To provide the USA Television Network with a vehicle to travel across the country to promote their Characters Unite “I Won’t Stand For” Campaign.

Using a fully branded and vinyl-wrapped Commercial RV with a slide-out expansion, the display vehicle provided visitors with a free “I won’t stand for…” T-shirt “stamping station”, allowing them to personalize their shirts by stamping a word to fill in the blank, such as bullying or racism among others. Along with the shirts, a photo station was also set up to further solidify visitors’ pledge to fight discrimination.

Characters Unite custom vehicle design Characters Unite custom vehicle design  Characters Unite custom vehicle design Characters Unite custom vehicle design CU1

Breitling promotional vehicle

Breitling, one of the world’s elite manufacturers of handmade Swiss Chronographs, came to IMM in the spring of 2003 with a strategic goal of increasing marketing share and brand awareness in North America. Historically known worldwide as the chronograph used by Allied pilots in World War II to navigate on bombing missions launched from England to Germany, the natural focus was towards pilots and air shows.
Breitling has become the major sponsor of the Reno National Championship Air Races in Reno, NV, the Fort Worh Alliance Air Show in Ft. Worh, TX as well as presenting a significant trade show style presence at many of the major air shows across the United States.
Bentley automobiles come equipped with a Breitling time piece built into the dash on many models and therefore a natural partnership evolved allowing the two companies to access a common demographic group at some of the most exclusive events in North America including the series of Concours D’Elegance events all over the USA. Breitling has developed a Breitling for Bentley exclusive model for Bentley owners.
IMM has helped develop, design and manufacture along with an agency partner, the custom build and completely flexible exhibit elements that allow Breitling the ability to adapt to many different types of events.
IMM’s strategic logistics planners and design experts help assure that the exponential increase of brand awareness and market share continue year after year in this, one of our treasured ongoing client relationships.

 Breitling promotional vehicle Breitling promotional vehicle

 Breitling5 Breitling1

Bentley mobile marketing build-out

The purpose of the "Don't Dream it, Drive it" tour was to create a mobile marketing presence equaling the quality and craftsmanship of Bentley Automobiles.

Showcase Bentley Automobiles in an unmistakable way by providing a close-up look at the craftsmanship which goes into producing a Bentley Automobile. Feature displays include a cantilevere engine, selling stand, craftsmanship, video wall, and commissioning area. The tour traveled to dealers as well as premium events including equestrian events, golf clubs, polo events, and jet shows. Special visits from the leather workers illustrated leather stitching at many stops.

Bentley mobile marketing build-out Bentley mobile marketing build-out

7UP custom promotional vehicle

To create a multifunctional vehicle for the education, demonstration, and sampling of recipes which include 7UP.

The event area was surrounded by triangular event corner signage elements and cones to outline the footprints. Utilizing both sides of the vehicle, three distinct areas of interaction were created. The events held cooking demonstrations of recipes which include 7UP by El Famoso Chef Carlos Fernandez. The mobile demonstration counter included an induction cooktop, oven, grill, and overhead mirror for the spectators to view the demonstrations. The additional areas included a sampling area and a photo-op for guests to get their picture taken with Chef Carlos.


7UP custom promotional vehicle 7UP custom promotional vehicle

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